Ultralight stroller

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1 Day 5€
2-3 Days: 4€/dd
4-6 Days: 3€/dd
7 Days: 2€/dd

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The ultra light and compact Stroller of Safety 1st: Peps. It is easy to drive thanks to the suspension on the front wheels that guarantee maximum comfort. The front wheels are fixed or swivel. It weighs 4.5 kg and folds like an umbrella: it is a practical and easily transportable stroller, essential for holidays and travel.
Suitable for children from 6 months +

Perfect for traveling
The ultralight stroller Peps weighs about 4.5 kg.
It closes like an umbrella in an easy and fast way to facilitate your travels in the city

The child is comfortably seated in the stroller and secured thanks to the 5-point safety belt.
The canopy protects it from the sun.

Easy to drive for relaxing walks
The front wheels of the stroller can be fixed or swivel, for easy maneuverability. They are also equipped with suspensions to cushion the unevenness of the ground.


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