Bath seat

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1 Day 6€
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4-6 Days: 4€/dd
7 Days: 3€/dd

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The first bath seat that opens completely

The bath seat opens completely to facilitate the child’s sitting and going out. It was conceived as a real armchair with ergonomic curves that offer the child great freedom of movement and above all comfortable.
For optimal safety, its 4 suction cups ensure perfect adherence in the bathtub.
And thanks to the ultra compact closure, the bath seat will easily find a place in your bathroom even on vacation.

Why will you like it?

  • Comfortable: full back, ergonomic curves, front bar lowered under the arms for greater freedom of movement.
  • It opens to facilitate the child’s sitting and going out in complete safety.
  • Foldable for easy storage and transport.
  • Stable: 4 suction cups.


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